AYK- Something about Relationship

Hi, Today i’m gonna share something about being in a Relationship. In India, basically the tradition for a relationship and marriage is different when compared to any other countries. This country contains a lot of different types of marriage which is hard to understand, every state has their own view about marriage. I’m from Chennai which is southern India in a state called Tamilnadu, Tamil is one of the longest surviving Classical languages in the world “asyouknow” we all have some methods to follow which was told long long before our ancestors.

So coming to our topic of Realtionship, finding a woman in my country is the worst part. As the world upgrades so do we, so i can see some changes in my environment. Even-though we are modern enough but Dating, Moving together, kisses in public, Short skirts are some impossible words to hear. As we a still developing country i hope my grand children can have these environment.

Relationship – According to me its about trust, the who is going to be with you till the end of your life must believe you, support  you, motivate you, share you, helps you in all ways. because your parents does these to you. This dosen’t mean you can control your Partner but still you can be a part of it. The only thing i don’t admire  is being lied, whatever you do – convey the things to your partner so that he could understand you and try to get along with him. Until you express yourself  you can’t get along, sit and talk face to face forget your mobile phones, spend hours and days together. My love is the best love story for me, nothing when compared to Romeo-Juilet, Gatsby -daisy, Shahjahan-Mumtaz. Everyone has this kind of feeling because this is what makes you a best couple.

I still didn’t met the girl of my dreams, but been through a bad relationship which has thought me a lot stuff about life.

Will find you one day and we are going to have tons and tons of memory which you are going to cherish for our whole life.




AYK-My First Blog

Hi, i created this blog to share my thoughts on being a normal human being, who is leading a normal life.

I just wanted to share my thoughts of my day today life experience. As my first blog, i want a share a few things about me.

I’m a engineering Graduate specialized in aeronautical. currently pursing my MBA.As many of you may think why MBA after Engineering “asyouknow” its for survival. Being born in a middle class family is the worst thing ever, since if you are a hifi dude you can get everything you need and being a lower class dude definitely you will know that this is all i can get. An  Awful situation comes when you are between these two level.(For eg… Lets take a Action figure the rich kid can easily buy  it, poor kid can’t even imagine to buy it, as a normal kid like me will have money to buy but due to some commitment we have to scarifice what we need)

Work Life shhhhhh, is even worse than you think. I started working in an Domestic call center, i liked that job because i got paid more. after some time every one will face this situation i wanted to do justice for what i have learned for 4 yrs. so i quit that job and went a cadd training center as a cadd trainer but that company face a loss which affected most of my commitments. i was not paid for 3 months after that i did some small small to a lighting company and they said they were hiring for cad designer designation and iam doing the same thing  for a year.

so i just wanted to share my feelings on my day to day life since i cannot share with anyone, this blog might help.